The Unknown Legend of Harald Bluetooth

The shape of the drakkars could be seen in the distance, through the light of dawn. Six ships full of armed men were ready to assault. They surpassed the men on the beach in great numbers. As the boats got nearer, the men on the beach started to feel scared, but they were not going to surrender so easily.

-“Wilhelm! Go with the archers to the top of the cliffs and get ready to shoot as soon as Körrick’s men set foot on the sand.”- Harald shouted to his friend. “And you Rodrick, come on! Get your axe ready and follow me to the rocks.”

-“I’m coming my king!”

Some time afterwards they were still waiting behind the huge rocks, feeling anxious and afraid.

-“Why did you get involved in this war Lord Blåtand? You’ve always hated war,you’re a natural at solving conflicts peacefully. What happened this time? – Rodrick whispered to Harald.

– “This time it was impossible to do so. Körrick is such a stubborn and aggressive man that I wasn’t able to reach an agreement with him. When he is dead, we will talk to his son, who is more intelligent than his father and we will make peace again. At least, that’s what I hope. Now silence, they’re almost here”.

Two minutes later, a low and powerful roar could be heard from the hills. Immediately after, dozens of arrows were falling to the beach. Körrick had just arrived.

-“It is time to meet Körrick!”- thought Harald.

Harald Battle

They surpassed Harald’s men in great numbers, but they did not expect the attack to be so fast and striking. Harald desperately looked for his enemy. When Körrick was dead the slaughter would finish and they would be able to solve the conflict between their two clans. He managed to find him. He was far away, near the ships, while his men were fighting. Harald and Rodrick discretely got off the rocks and walked by the water in order to be noticed as late as possible. Only twenty meters separated them from Körrick when one of his guards, carrying a huge axe, noticed them. He rushed furiously into Rodrick getting ready to strike him with his weapon. Harald headed for his enemy. He stopped Körrick’s sword with his shield just in time. While they were hitting each other Körrick began to speak:

-“Ha! You’re Harald! I can see your blue tooth from here!”

-“Yeah it’s me! And we wouldn’t be fighting right now if you had accepted my proposal!

-“Which proposal?You want me to join my kingdom to yours and consent to you being my king? Never! I’d rather lie dead on the floor and let the Valkyrias take me to Walhalla than surrender to you!” – he proudly answered.

-“If that’s what you want, I’ll grant your wish!” – Harald yelled while striking his rival with all his strength on the helmet.

Körrick fell on his back, never to rise again. Harald knelt on him and took the horn the corpse wore on his belt. He powerfully blew into it and the battle ceased. Körrick was dead and there was no reason to carry on fighting.

Harald HornA red-haired man headed for Harald, with fury in his eyes. He was Körrick’s son. He seemed to be about to punch Harald, but they both looked at each other. Everybody felt awkward when Harald Blåtand’s eyes stared at them. That look made everyone calm down. Harald was very good at reaching agreements and connecting people together as Rodrick had told him behind the rocks. Thanks to this ability, Harald  Blåtand managed to become king of Norway as well as of Denmark. His name now remains on the rune stones telling his story.

Harald Computer


-Mr Haartsen! Come here! I found the perfect name for your new invention!

-Oh yes? Really? Tell me.

-I was JUST reading this Nordic legend about a Viking king which just inspired me. His name was Harald Blåtand, or Harald Bluetooth if you translate it into English.

He was a not a Viking as we might imagine, he hated war and was brilliant at solving problems without violence, and more importantly, he connected people together. Isn’t that the aim of  your invention?

-Yes, that’s exactly our goal. So which name do you suggest? Blåtand is weird and not catchy at all.

-I was thinking of Bluetooth, its English translation. In fact he did have a blue tooth due to an illness but his name is only a translation into English. It is unusual and a way of honouring one of our ancestors.

-Good idea! I’ll think about it and give you a call if I finally use it. Thanks a lot!




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