Photoshop for beginners!


Have you ever wanted to edit one funny photo and have never known how to? Here we are to help you! This is our first photoshop post in which we will teach you how to do a photomontage.

We have used photos that could have a political meaning. That does not mean we share those ideas. We have only chosen these photos because we found them funny. For any complaint please contact us through the email posted in Who we are.

1st Step:

Choose the images you are going to use and open the background one in Photoshop. In this case we are going to use as background the famous picture The Scream by Edvard Munch. The other images are: Donald Trump’s funny face, a USA flag being burnt and a group of djihadists. The aim of this photomontage is to make a satire of what hell would be for Trump.

This is first step:

1 Fondo

2nd Step:

First, open one of the photos you want to include over the background (do not worry, the background will not be deleted, this image will be opened in a different tab). With the selection tool (letter W), draw on the new picture the space you want to paste on the background (the program helps you to it and it is very intuitive). You can modify the thickness of the tool if it is too big or small.

2 seleccion cara

3 Seleccionar cara

If you select something wrong, you can erase some of your selection clicking on the icon at the top left corner with a (minus symbol) drawn. Once everything you want is selected copy it ( Ctrl+C).

4 Borrar seleccion

3rd Step:

Once you have copied the image, click on the tab of the background (green circle in the screenshot), and paste it (Ctrl+V).  Immediately after type Ctrl+T, so that you can edit the size of the new image. Warning: If you do something else before it, it might not work and you will not be able to edit the image. 

5 pegar cabeza

Maybe you need to turn the image over so it fits perfectly on the background. To do this click on Edition->Transform->Turn Over.

6 voltear cabeza

4th Step:

In this step we have done exactly the same as in the previous one, but with another image. The image we have chosen is a flag from the USA being burnt (We apologise if this image offends you, it is just humour).

7 Cortar Bandera

After having pasted the new image we have also drawn a flagpole in order to make it more realistic. It is very easy, you only have to use the brush tool (letter B), which you can also modify (size, thickness, etc).

8 añadir mastil

Once the flagpole is drawn, type Ctrl+T and you can edit the whole flag with its flagpole. Here you have the final result of this step:

9 mastil hecho

5th Step:

Finally, our last image is a djihadist. It has been quite difficult to cut him from the other ones as it can sometimes be. But do not get stressed, if you go slowly you can manage to do it.

10 Yihadista cortado

In this step you have to do the same as in the previous steps( select, copy, paste, Crl+T, etc).

11 Colocado el moro

Final fantastic result!

12 Final


Hope you liked it!!


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  1. apolo077 says:

    First comment!!
    Really good job doing that photomontage!!


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